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awsickdude asked: One of my main characters is Korean-American, but I'm afraid of white-washing his ancestry or making him into a stereotypical caricature. So I was wondering if you had any resources about Korean culture, writing characters outside of my race, etc?




I swear, like clockwork, we get this question nearly every month. What is the secret to writing something different from me? There are no secrets, there is no guides, no quick lists of what all Korean-Americans are like (because no one works that way). Don’t treat characters like they’re some unfathomable other, because they’re not, they’re human beings like you and me and anyone else.

Why are you worried about writing a stereotypical caricature? Is it because that’s all you know? Change that. Consume media written by Korean-Americans, realize that being Korean-American will effect who he is just like your background effects who you are, and make sure your characters are human beings.

Worried about white-washing history? Read history. There’s lots of it out there, by Korean-Americans, and it’s easily accessible on the internet. Go to museums, check out books assigned in Asian American studies. They exist, you’re just not looking for them.

Stop being afraid of writing POC characters because “you might get it wrong.” Do type the questions you just asked me into google, and start from there. Do realize that your characters are human, share the same interests and motivations as everyone else, and should be treated as such. .


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Social Justice Warrior?? okay but we’re gonna need a Social Justice Thief and a Social Justice Cleric cuz I’m a Social Justice Witch and don’t have party heals. Might need a Social Justice Paladin if the war isn’t specced into defense plus maybe another Social Justice DPS to round the party out

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stephani-d asked you:

I asked this on the official DW blog, but idk if you answered, so I’m asking here. What’s it like, tumbling as your job?

Hold our tiny adipose hand, stephani-d. Try to see what we see. We’re so lucky we’re still alive to tumbl for this beautiful fandom. Look at dem tag pages. They’re not lame and without character. The commentary is in fact deep. And over there! Lighter commentary. And scrolling through the opinions and spoilers and whoufflé, the gifs swirling through the Dash. And there shining, burning, bursting through, the reblogs! Can you see how they increase their notes? Everywhere we look, the complex magic of Whovians blaze before our eyes.


(With the greatest of apologies to cloysterbell for reposting her entire gifset as a punchline to this ask. Kyle’s a supertalented Whovian so you should follow her anyway.)

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